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AOP Maine-Anjou

Quality without concession

Within the context of Elivia’s quality commitment AOP Maine-Anjou is the flagship. Keywords? A region, people, an excellent product.

AOP Maine Anjou beef is produced by animals of the "Rouge Des Prés" breed – previously called Maine Anjou- with a red and white coat. The Rouge des Prés is raised only for meat, and the calves are fed by their mothers. Following a cut meat approval, the Rouges des Prés become AOP MaineAnjou (10% rejected).

The INAO (Institut national de l’origine et la qualité - National institute of origin and quality) defines Maine-Anjou meat as identifiable by " its sustained red colour, tenderness on cutting and flavour in the mouth, high level of juiciness in the mouth and stable during mastication, as well as the intensity and persistence of flavour".
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How is AOP Maine-Anjou meat produced?

  • • Above all, it is a region: Low rainfall, shallow soils, high summer drought: Western regions, worked for generations, have ideal conditions for raising high-quality meat.
  • • Wide open spaces: Raised with real pastoral expertise, AOP Maine-Anjou pedigree cattle appreciate space: depending on the specifications, each cow must have at least one hectare of grass (for herself and her calves).
  • • And a peaceful life on the farm: Usually, the animals are born on the farm where they will spend their whole life. They are raised on grass for 8 to 9 months of the year: a hundred year old tradition!