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Meat for nutrition and pleasure, committed to a responsible procedure? This is D’Anvial!

For beef, pork, lamb or veal, the D’Anvial procedure multiplies the guarantees: of origin, quality, breeding, animal finish, storage and service. Result: meat which is both delicious, creative and safe. What could be better?

From field to plate, a unique project to improve the natural qualities of meat. The D’Anvial procedure provides consumers with a product which is both tasty when cooked, a good colour when raw and with tried and tested nutritional virtues.
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…The D’Anvial subsidiary is a partner of the subsidiary lin Bleu Blanc Coeur which contributes to your balanced diet: a procedure for nutritional progress supported by the State as part of the National Healthy Eating Programme. D’Anvial meat naturally has twice the amount of Omega 3.

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D’Anvial is the first trademark resulting from a qualitative procedure from production to distribution. This procedure is the result of a mutual commitment and confidence by farmers and butchers

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