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ELIVIA PROFESSIONNELS (Elivia for Professionals)

High-quality beef solutions for catering professionals.

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Elivia Professionnels, RHD (Away from home food service) trademark of the French n° 2 for beef, offers a wide range of products made from beef (burgers, minced meats, tartares, meatballs, etc. both fresh and frozen)

Elivia Professionnels takes the best of its stock-breeders to offer high-quality products from both a flavour and health point of view. We are committed to a strict, high-performance quality policy. For example, our processed mince products are traced from field to plate, and released according to the results of systematic analyses.
We aim to provide our customers with products which meet their needs. We do everything to ensure that caterers can create attractive and varied menus which will surprise their customers..

The Elivia Professionnels trademark is therefore based on the three goals which ensure its success:
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- Innovations which are useful and appropriate to our customers’ applications.
- Irreproachable quality at all times.
- Reactivity and a response to our customers’ demands.

Elivia Professionnels, high-quality products, and service too!