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Non-negotiable hygiene regulations

Control of cleaning, disinfection of premises and equipment, respecting good hygiene practices (based on the HACCP study) mean that Elivia can guarantee that hygiene is respected at each stage of production.
More information on the HACCP method…

What is the HACCP method?

It is a method used to identify, assess and control the significant hazards concerning food safety.
HACCP covers three classes of hazard:
  • biological hazards (e.g. bacteria such as salmonella)
  • chemical hazards (cleaning products, allergens, etc.)
  • physical hazards (machine parts, wood, glass, plastic, etc.)

Our activity demands irreproachable hygiene by personnel in the agrifood workshops. Slaughtering, cutting and processing meat are activities which are subject to health regulations defined by the public authorities. Added to this, are the professional baselines and those of customers which the company and its employees must scrupulously respect. At Elivia, this commitment to our employees involves application of a Food Hygiene and Safety policy.
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