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Organic meat

Welcome to the number 1 producer of organic meat in France

Elivia is the leader on the organic meat market, with more than 10 000 cows processed each year (65% of which are meat breeds). Our commitment? Butcher’s quality first of all, for meat which is both tender and tasty.

Organic meat...
what is it ?

A meat produced from animals raised according to organic farming principles

It does not, therefore, contain the following:
  • Genetically Modified Organisms
  • Pesticides
  • Chemical fertilizers
  • Antibiotics

A meat which takes care of us

These farming principles mean we can provide consumers with meat which conserves the environment and protects human health - by eliminating contaminants.

With its organic farming partners grouped within an association, Elivia controls the 3 main points of the sector

Regular and diversified supply
Each breeder is regularly committed to the number of animals he will provide.

Matching the animal offer with customer requirements on a national scale.
Managing balances and optimising material.

Sales presentation
Elivia and its partners offer shops which so wish, sales outlet presentations provided by organic farmers who are specifically trained for the purpose. The organic meat market took off through this method.

A complete range
Elivia offers a wider range of products, whether in ready-to-cut or Processed Products, vacuum packed or in a controlled atmosphere.

Apart from its 3 main sectors, Elivia also markets other meats produced by neighbouring sectors: Red Labels, Regional sectors, (e.g. Selection of meat from Lorraine), Export sectors (Charolux, Bovillage and Gourmet naturel ), Elevage de France/EQC, ...