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Pleasure, Nutrition and Health: develop the qualities of the meat naturally

A committed sector for meat with high nutritional qualities.
From animal nutrition to the butcher’s block the nutritional qualities of meat can be improved, especially its Omega 3 content. This is the purpose of the D’Anvial programme which mobilises the entire sector - and is based, above all, on our breeders’ expertise.

Producing such high-quality meat requires the development of strict diets, organized according to breed types and notably promoting the consumption of grass and flax seed.

The Terrena Animal Nutrition team has developed a new finish food which balances the animals’ performance and improves storage and colour of the meat.

This harmonious development of the animal has a direct effect on the nutritional and gustatory qualities of the meat at the end of the line. Respecting this dietary programme ensures that this meat will be of constant quality throughout the year.
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This industrial procedure applies to 3 types of meat breeds:
  • Blonde d’Aquitaine
  • Charolais
  • Limousin