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Quality starts in the meadow

Choice farms
At Elivia, quality commitment starts on the farm. Our slogan "naturally committed" reminds us of our direct link to the farming world. The speciality and wealth of the cooperative world has been our strength for more than 30 years. The selection of top quality herds and flocks in the heart of traditional French stock-raising regions, is the main guarantee of quality for our customers and consumers.

Inspections and tests to ensure safe production
Every year, Elivia performs 1000 audits and 100 000 analyses….
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1000 audits and 100 000 analyses
These different controls test the food, animal well-being, their hygiene and also the veterinary health procedure and respect of the environment. They guarantee the highest quality at every stage of production. Proof of this quality procedure, Elivia has developed its own sectors: organic meat, AOC Maine-Anjou or Meat breed.

The strength of a cooperative to ensure quality
Elivia has its own farms…
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Elivia has its own farms
In line with our cooperative principles, the farmers themselves own our production tools. Elivia differs by its privileged relations with the farming world and producers. They guarantee good livestock breeding conditions as well as the source of the animals. Another particularity which is essential to control the whole line: Elivia has its own production units for producing livestock feed.

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