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High-quality Halal meat. The widest range of fresh Halal meat

Shems is the leading umbrella brand of fresh Halal meat : it offers a complete range of processed beef, lamb and poultry products. The combined expertise of Terrena Group subsidiaries is such that we can provide you with high-quality halal products over such a broad perimeter. Elivia markets beef and lamb and Gastronome (another Terrena cooperative subsidiary) markets halal poultry products. This joint trademark guarantees consumers the same level of quality and a clearer shelf display with a coherent offer which is easy to identify on the shelf.

"Shems" means "Sun", but what does "Halal" mean?
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…Halal means "legal" and is, above all, a method of consumption. For Muslims it means eating only authorised food, prepared in accordance with the Koran’s instructions. An animal is considered to be Halal when it has been slaughtered according to certain conditions in accordance with Islamic rituals.

All our Halal products are approved by certifying organizations approved by the biggest mosques in France. They meet extremely precise specifications and are subject to regular inspections and tests.

The market for Halal meat is consequential and it is another important development theme for many distribution circuits.

High-quality Halal meat. The widest range of fresh Halal meat
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