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TENDRE ET PLUS... (Tender and More)

Look at meat differently! This is the slogan of this trademark created in 2009

Innovation, Attention and Presentation are the keywords of our operation. The market for meat products has not evolved as much as other mass consumption food markets over the past two decades. It is now vital to match the evolution of consumer needs and lifestyles, to offer them new products, new services and, above all, to present displays reflecting their needs even MORE.
In view of the falling meat consumption, Tendre Et PLUS… recommends increasing the power of its presence in the consumer product sector, to replace need with desire..

Recognised for its innovations and drive ,Tendre Et PLUS is putting a great deal of effort into satisfying consumers relative to standard products from the butchery department (burgers, sausages, grilling meat, marinated meat, carpaccio, …) as well as constantly inventing new products. It is always a major source of satisfaction when your preference turns to Tendre Et PLUS… products and this is increasingly the case! We thank you and hope to continue this trend!

Tendre Et PLUS … is distributed by the main supermarket chains.
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