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Terrena, a Cooperative Group committed to New Farming

Elivia is the flagship of the Terrena Group cooperative’s meat sector, representing more than 40% of turnover for the agrifood cluster.

Terrena is an agrifood group cooperative, incorporated through its economic organization which works for its members’ revenues and is committed to promoting responsible farming to consumers.
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What is a cooperative?

In a cooperative, the share capital is made up of shares subscribed by each of the cooperative associates (farmers-stock raisers) and non-cooperative associates (employees). Only holders of share capital can make decisions on the orientation of their cooperative and there is no speculation on share capital because the shares are non-transferable.

With a turnover of 4.4 billion Euros (2011) and 22 000 stock-raiser members, Terrena is the leading French food cooperative.

The 3 Terrena activity clusters

An activity-based organization promoting expertise and complementarity within each cluster
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Terrena is committed to a new pact between farming and society : Upstream, to serve farming, by proposing solutions to produce more and better with less, and developing Ecologically Intensive Agriculture (EIA), and downstream, with products incorporating a Healthy Eating component.
This new type of farming takes into account the nutritional issues involved in producing agricultural products. It makes optimal use of ecosystem function while ensuring its renewal.

New Farming to produce new food

Within Terrena, Elivia benefits from the development of EIA, Ecologically Intensive Agriculture: agriculture which protects the environment, guarantees the quality, flavour and safety of our food products. Its objective: to produce better and more with less.

A strong commitment in line with its

cooperative nature, Elivia maintains special relations with farmers and the stock-raising sector in order to maintain its roots in a region. Today the Ter’élevage cooperative union Ter’élevage to which Terrena belongs is one of the pillars of our supply lines.

From Terrena farmers to Elivia preparers, the nutritional and gustatory qualities are ensured from land to fork.
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