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From stable to table

Customers and consumers today expect safer, higher quality products. They give legitimate - importance to the source of the livestock and health monitoring of animal products. Traceability meets the requirements of this development of mentalities

What is traceability for?
It ensures the quality and safety of our products. It means that we can guarantee the origin (breed, farmer, place of birth and farm) for consumers, the identification n° of each animal, batch n° and mix n° are recorded in our computer system. Elivia can permanently identify the upstream and downstream characteristics of each production batch.

How does traceability work?
Every key stage in production is recorded, from the animal’s birth to the consumer’s table. This quality process guarantees that mandatory and regulatory health standards are respected...
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LRespecting mandatory and regulatory health standards
At birth, each animal is identified by a unique national identification number and a passport After slaughter and once the meat is cut up, a number is assigned to each batch.Traceability is also used to identify the different sales outlets to which the products have been sent.