Our CSR project takes us to a new level

Managing Director of ELIVIA

ELIVIA has always followed a simultaneously financial and social agenda. By choosing to work on this Corporate Social Responsibility plan, we are taking that commitment to a new level.

Our goal is to go further still by incorporating employment, environmental and societal concerns into our strategy framework as part of moving towards a responsible, long-term and financially sustainable growth model. Operating in today’s demanding economic environment requires us to engage in a continual process of innovation and adaptation. To succeed in this challenge, our people are our most important resource. So ensuring that they have a safe working environment that encourages their personal development and motivation is our priority. The taste, nutritional quality and food safety of our products are also fundamental to our plan, with the ultimate aim of continually satisfying our consumers and customers.


Our CSR plan is integral to our day-to-day relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and stakeholders. It is also a commitment to continuous improvement.

Respect, responsibility and leadership by example are values that our values at ELIVIA; values that allow us to build long-term, trust-based relationships with all stakeholders in our ecosystem.


Our challenges

Animal welfare

167 Employee Representatives*

*These specialists in abattoir audit and training conduct audits of animal protection measures to quantify the level achieved by each location and identify areas for improvement.

Consumer satisfaction and product quality

Steakexpert Day and the IFS FOOD, FSSC 22000 and ISO 9001 standards

Controlling the environmental impacts of our business

A 1% reduction in gas and electricity consumption between 2016 and 2017

Workplace quality of life

The gender equal pay index is 88/100.

Financial performance

23% average year-on-year increase in EBITDA** between 2011 and 2017

** Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortisation

Eco-responsible supply chains

France’s leading supplier of organic beef. Rollout of the ‘La Nouvelle Agriculture’ brand concept with Terrena

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